Eltham Park 5 17/06/2018

Eltham Park 5 2018

Prasanth EKKORATHA, Tessa HALES & Alison DEADMAN all made their competitive CPA debuts in the Eltham Park 5 on Sunday 17th June where they were joined by Rob & Larissa O’HALLORAN.

Congratulations on your performances all of you.

PositionBib No.NameCategoryGun TimeChip Time 
114162Rob O'HALLORANVM4000:39:2000:39:10
115110Prasanth EKKORATHAVM4000:39:2000:39:10
129246Tessa HALESVW3500:40:2000:40:10Club Record
236282Larissa O'HALLORANVW4000:48:0600:47:56
25719Alison DEADMANVW4500:49:4500:49:37

Greenwich Park Run for Diabetes 16/06/2018


Greenwich Park Run for Diabetes 2018

Antony HYLTON competed in his first race as a member of Central Park Athletics on Saturday 16th June.

In aid of a charity very close to his heart, Tony ran the 10k event in the Greenwich Park Run for Diabetes in a superb time of 00:41:13.

Well done Tony, first run of many for CPA I’m sure.

PositionBib No.NameCategoryGun TimeChip Time
5124Antony HYLTONVM4000:41:13

junior parkrun results weekending 17/06/2018

junior parkrun results weekending 17/06/2018

NameLocationTimeOverall PB 
Nathanael AKINPITANDartford00:08:1600:08:10
Alastair McTEERLesnes Abbey Woods00:09:0100:08:48
Aleksandr SOLOSHENKODartford00:09:0600:09:16New PB!
Samuel FOTHERINGHAMMedway00:09:3100:09:02
Phoebe DACHTLERDartford00:09:3200:09:08
Dylan BROWNDartford00:09:5300:09:54New PB!
Naomi BROWNDartford00:09:5500:09:34
Louis SANDERSDartford00:10:2400:09:27
Thomas STEPHENSONDartford00:10:2900:08:37
Rowan McTEERLesnes Abbey Woods00:11:4100:11:44New PB!
Evan-Philip AKINPITANDartford00:12:2100:11:40
Lilly HANNADartford00:12:3600:12:28
Molly HANNADartford00:20:3800:14:28

parkrun PBs weekending 17/06/2018

New parkrun PBs weekending 17/06/2018

Congratulations to Jonathan MUNT (21:41), Lexie JOHNSON (24:20), Rowan McTEER (31:39) & David PHILLIPS (36:41) who all set new overall parkrun PB’s on Saturday 16th June.

Special mention to Sonia HANNA who missed her overall PB of 29:54 by 1 second.

Great work from all of you. Well done!

parkrun results weekending 17/06/2018

parkrun Results Weekending 17/06/2018

NameLocationTimeOverall PB 
Anthony DUREYDartford00:20:5800:18:10
Anoushka JOHNSONBedfont Lakes00:21:2700:20:02
Jamie BUSHNELLDartford00:21:4000:21:20
Jonathan MUNTMaidstone00:21:4100:22:15New PB!
Henry MUNTMaidstone00:21:4600:20:14
Lexie JOHNSONOrpington00:24:2000:27:28New PB!
Gary WARNERDartford00:24:3100:23:35
Phil DOVEYDartford Heath00:25:0400:20:59
Mark McMILLANDartford00:25:1400:23:52
Aleksandr SOLOSHENKODartford00:27:2700:24:01
Vinod KALIADartford00:27:3100:27:01
Janice DOVEYDartford Heath00:27:4600:23:36
Molly DOVEYDartford Heath00:27:4600:23:22
Harley CLARK-HURRENHoblingwell00:27:4600:24:28
Alastair McTEERDartford00:28:2700:26:59
Arthur MUNTMaidstone00:28:2700:27:53
Martin HARMANDartford00:28:2800:27:27
Tracy BALFEDartford00:29:5200:29:23
Sonia HANNADartford00:29:5400:29:53
Duncan CAMPBELLDartford00:30:0700:29:17
Damian GIBBSDartford00:30:1300:24:40
Rowan McTEERDartford00:31:3900:34:50New PB!
Michaela McMILLANDartford00:31:5400:28:20
Victoria GIBBSDartford00:32:0700:27:54
Megan FLETCHERDartford00:33:3800:29:16
Amanda CROCKFORDBurnham-on-Crouch00:34:0400:32:25
Joanne DANSTONDartford00:35:5200:33:20
David PHILLIPSDartford00:36:4100:36:51New PB!
Donna DAWESDartford Heath00:36:5400:32:46
Tessa HALESBexley00:37:4900:22:28
Rebecca DUREYDartford00:38:1800:34:12
Zethu MAKATINIDartford00:46:1500:41:52
Das KALIADartford00:46:1600:44:37
Ann KOMZOLIKDartford01:00:4900:34:02