Eltham Park 5 17/06/2018

Eltham Park 5 2018

Prasanth EKKORATHA, Tessa HALES & Alison DEADMAN all made their competitive CPA debuts in the Eltham Park 5 on Sunday 17th June where they were joined by Rob & Larissa O’HALLORAN.

Congratulations on your performances all of you.

PositionBib No.NameCategoryGun TimeChip Time 
114162Rob O'HALLORANVM4000:39:2000:39:10
115110Prasanth EKKORATHAVM4000:39:2000:39:10
129246Tessa HALESVW3500:40:2000:40:10Club Record
236282Larissa O'HALLORANVW4000:48:0600:47:56
25719Alison DEADMANVW4500:49:4500:49:37

Greenwich Park Run for Diabetes 16/06/2018


Greenwich Park Run for Diabetes 2018

Antony HYLTON competed in his first race as a member of Central Park Athletics on Saturday 16th June.

In aid of a charity very close to his heart, Tony ran the 10k event in the Greenwich Park Run for Diabetes in a superb time of 00:41:13.

Well done Tony, first run of many for CPA I’m sure.

PositionBib No.NameCategoryGun TimeChip Time
5124Antony HYLTONVM4000:41:13

junior parkrun results weekending 17/06/2018

junior parkrun results weekending 17/06/2018

NameLocationTimeOverall PB 
Nathanael AKINPITANDartford00:08:1600:08:10
Alastair McTEERLesnes Abbey Woods00:09:0100:08:48
Aleksandr SOLOSHENKODartford00:09:0600:09:16New PB!
Samuel FOTHERINGHAMMedway00:09:3100:09:02
Phoebe DACHTLERDartford00:09:3200:09:08
Dylan BROWNDartford00:09:5300:09:54New PB!
Naomi BROWNDartford00:09:5500:09:34
Louis SANDERSDartford00:10:2400:09:27
Thomas STEPHENSONDartford00:10:2900:08:37
Rowan McTEERLesnes Abbey Woods00:11:4100:11:44New PB!
Evan-Philip AKINPITANDartford00:12:2100:11:40
Lilly HANNADartford00:12:3600:12:28
Molly HANNADartford00:20:3800:14:28

parkrun PBs weekending 17/06/2018

New parkrun PBs weekending 17/06/2018

Congratulations to Jonathan MUNT (21:41), Lexie JOHNSON (24:20), Rowan McTEER (31:39) & David PHILLIPS (36:41) who all set new overall parkrun PB’s on Saturday 16th June.

Special mention to Sonia HANNA who missed her overall PB of 29:54 by 1 second.

Great work from all of you. Well done!

parkrun results weekending 17/06/2018

parkrun Results Weekending 17/06/2018

NameLocationTimeOverall PB 
Anthony DUREYDartford00:20:5800:18:10
Anoushka JOHNSONBedfont Lakes00:21:2700:20:02
Jamie BUSHNELLDartford00:21:4000:21:20
Jonathan MUNTMaidstone00:21:4100:22:15New PB!
Henry MUNTMaidstone00:21:4600:20:14
Lexie JOHNSONOrpington00:24:2000:27:28New PB!
Gary WARNERDartford00:24:3100:23:35
Phil DOVEYDartford Heath00:25:0400:20:59
Mark McMILLANDartford00:25:1400:23:52
Aleksandr SOLOSHENKODartford00:27:2700:24:01
Vinod KALIADartford00:27:3100:27:01
Janice DOVEYDartford Heath00:27:4600:23:36
Molly DOVEYDartford Heath00:27:4600:23:22
Harley CLARK-HURRENHoblingwell00:27:4600:24:28
Alastair McTEERDartford00:28:2700:26:59
Arthur MUNTMaidstone00:28:2700:27:53
Martin HARMANDartford00:28:2800:27:27
Tracy BALFEDartford00:29:5200:29:23
Sonia HANNADartford00:29:5400:29:53
Duncan CAMPBELLDartford00:30:0700:29:17
Damian GIBBSDartford00:30:1300:24:40
Rowan McTEERDartford00:31:3900:34:50New PB!
Michaela McMILLANDartford00:31:5400:28:20
Victoria GIBBSDartford00:32:0700:27:54
Megan FLETCHERDartford00:33:3800:29:16
Amanda CROCKFORDBurnham-on-Crouch00:34:0400:32:25
Joanne DANSTONDartford00:35:5200:33:20
David PHILLIPSDartford00:36:4100:36:51New PB!
Donna DAWESDartford Heath00:36:5400:32:46
Tessa HALESBexley00:37:4900:22:28
Rebecca DUREYDartford00:38:1800:34:12
Zethu MAKATINIDartford00:46:1500:41:52
Das KALIADartford00:46:1600:44:37
Ann KOMZOLIKDartford01:00:4900:34:02

New junior parkrun PBs weekending 10/06/2018


New junior parkrun PBs Weekending 10/06/2018

Congratulations to Henry MUNT who ran an outstanding 7:36 at Dartford junior parkrun on 10/06/2018. This would equate to a 5km parkrun time of 18 minutes – phenomenal!

A special mention too to Neve ARNOULD who set a course PB of 11:01 at Dartford and narrowly missed her overall PB of 10:57. It’ll come Neve.

Our Swifts work very hard at their running and always put the effort in at training. These performances, and others from recent weeks, show that their hard work is paying off. Keep it up, there’s definitely more to come from you all.

junior parkrun results weekending 10/06/2018

junior parkrun Results Weekending 10/06/2018

NameLocationTimeOverall PBTotal parkruns 
Henry MUNTDartford7:367:5710New PB!
Stanley MUNTDartford8:037:5824
Nathanael AKINPITANDartford8:188:1072
Alastair MCTEERDartford9:148:4823
Aleksandr SOLOSHENKODartford9:249:1632
Arthur MUNTDartford9:269:1424
Poppy SMITHDartford9:409:2346
Phoebe DACHTLERDartford9:519:0876
Neve ARNOULDDartford11:0110:5743
Rowan MCTEERDartford13:2911:4424
Violet PIPCINDartford14:1612:0631
Rebecca COXDartford14:4812:575
Henry ARNOULDDartford16:2614:5012
Maya HYLTONDartford17:4616:4119
Molly HANNADartford22:5114:2827