junior parkrun Weekending 15/04/2018

Weekending 15/04/2018
NameLocationTimePB DetailsTotal parkruns
Henry MUNTDartford7:57PB stays at 07:576
Stanley MUNTDartford8:18PB stays at 07:5821
Arthur MUNTDartford9:16New PB!20
Alex SOLOSHENKODartford9:23PB stays at 09:1925
Lexi JOHNSONDartford9:29PB stays at 09:1611
Samuel FOTHERINGHAMDartford9:41New PB!23
Bobby SMITHDartford9:47PB stays at 08:2643
Poppy SMITHDartford10:12PB stays at 09:2941
Phoebe DACHTLERDartford10:21PB stays at 09:0870
Neve ARNOULDDartford12:33PB stays at 12:1336
Henry ARNOULDDartford16:14PB stays at 15:107

junior parkrun Weekending 08/04/2018

Weekending 08/04/2018
NameLocationTimePB DetailsTotal parkruns
Lexie JOHNSONDartford9:16New PB!10
Alex SOLOSHENKODartford9:38PB stays at 9:1924
Phoebe DACHTLERDartford9:51PB stays at 9:0869
Neve ARNOULDDartford12:24PB stays at 12:1335
Henry ARNOULDDartford15:10New PB!6

parkrun Weekending 08/04/2018

Weekending 08/04/2018
NameLocationTimePB DetailsTotal parkruns
Tessa HALESBexley25:35PB stays at 22:28201
Anthony DUREYDartford21:30PB stays at 18:31177
Ariel KRYSZTOFIAKDartford22:08PB stays at 20:3322
Martin HARMANDartford27:52PB stays at 27:27142
Victoria GIBBSDartford28:07PB stays at 27:5681
Alex VALENTINODartford28:17PB stays at 24:0964
Larissa O'HALLORANDartford29:03PB stays at 28:5372
Michaela MCMILLANDartford29:06PB stays at 28:20142
Megan FLETCHERDartford29:16New PB!122
Vinod KALIADartford29:27PB stays at 29:0427
Mick COXDartford30:56New PB!12
Richard DANSTONDartford32:14PB stays at 32:1342
Jan PYNEDartford35:41PB stays at 32:2624
Joanne DANSTONDartford35:50PB stays at 33:20107
Amanda CROCKFORDDartford36:43PB stays at 32:5456
Rebecca DUREYDartford37:23PB stays at 36:25144
Das KALIADartford45:48PB stays at 45:2124
Henry MUNTLullingstone22:54New PB!27
Graham FRYATTLullingstone29:45PB stays at 28:3814
Karen SERVADEILullingstone36:28PB stays at 28:4522
Naomi BROWNMole Valley32:26PB stays at 30:4612

parkrun weekending 01/04/2018

Weekending 01/04/2018
NameLocationTimeCategoryPB DetailsTotal parkruns
Ariel KRYSZTOFIAKDartford21:59SM25-29PB stays at 00:20:3321
Anthony DUREYDartford22:18VM50-54PB stays at 00:18:31176
Jamie BUSHNELLDartford23:25SM30-34PB stays at 00:21:26160
Tessa HALESDartford25:52VW35-39PB stays at 00:23:38200
Martin HARMANDartford28:55VM45-49PB stays at 00:27:27141
Vinod KALIADartford29:04VM55-59New PB!26
Larissa O'HALLORANDartford29:32VW40-44PB stays at 00:28:5371
Michaela MCMILLANDartford29:56VW45-49PB stays at 00:28:20141
Mick COXDartford31:29VM70-74PB stays at 00:31:0611
Megan FLETCHERDartford31:33JW15-17PB stays at 00:30:50121
Alex VALENTINODartford32:23VM55-59PB stays at 00:24:0963
Richard DANSTONDartford32:24VM45-49PB stays at 00:32:1341
Anoushka JOHNSONDartford32:38VW40-44PB stays at 00:20:18174
Jan PYNEDartford35:25VW65-69PB stays at 00:32:2623
Joanne DANSTONDartford36:52VW45-49PB stays at 00:33:20106
Rebecca DUREYDartford39:29SW30-34PB stays at 00:36:25143
Das KALIADartford47:30VW55-59PB stays at 00:45:2123
Dan FOTHERINGHAMShorne Woods21:27VM40-44New PB!8
David PHILLIPSShorne Woods38:31VM65-69New PB!29
Naomi BROWNSouthend30:46JW10New PB!11
Dylan BROWNSouthend30:59JM10New PB!2

Folkestone 10 2018

Folkestone 10 mile 2018
Congratulations to Tony Durey and Anoushka Johnson for their performances in the Folkestone 10 on 30/03/2018. As is typical of 
our Coaches they have led by example and recorded brilliant times.
PosGun TimeChip TimeFirst NameSurnameRace NoCategory