parkrun weekending 25/03/2018

Weekending 25/03/2018
NameLocationTimeCategoryPB DetailsTotal parkruns
Dan FOTHERINGHAMDartford21:21VM40-44New PB!7
Anoushka JOHNSONDartford24:54VW40-44PB stays at 00:20:18173
Anthony DUREYDartford25:00VM50-54PB stays at 00:18:31175
Tessa HALESDartford25:06VW35-39PB stays at 00:23:38199
Jamie BUSHNELLDartford25:06SM30-34PB stays at 00:21:26159
Valerie BEVANDartford27:57VW60-64PB stays at 00:26:5914
Trevor BEVANDartford28:28VM65-69New PB!12
Rob O'HALLORANDartford28:35VM40-44PB stays at 00:23:1076
Larissa O'HALLORANDartford29:39VW40-44PB stays at 00:28:5370
Martin HARMANDartford30:17VM45-49PB stays at 00:27:27140
Vinod KALIADartford30:46VM55-59PB stays at 00:29:3125
Michaela MCMILLANDartford32:34VW45-49PB stays at 00:28:20140
Megan FLETCHERDartford33:05JW15-17PB stays at 00:30:50120
Richard DANSTONDartford34:44VM45-49PB stays at 00:32:1340
Amanda CROCKFORDDartford35:34VW50-54PB stays at 00:32:5455
Joanne DANSTONDartford35:55VW45-49PB stays at 00:33:20105
David PHILLIPSDartford38:22VM65-69New PB!28
Victoria GIBBSDartford41:49VW45-49PB stays at 00:27:5680
Das KALIADartford45:21VW55-59New PB!22
Rebecca DUREYDartford46:44SW30-34PB stays at 00:36:25142

parkrun weekending 18/03/2018

Weekending 18/03/2018

NameLocationTimePB DetailsTotal parkruns
Anthony DUREYDartford20:53PB stays at 00:18:31174
Anoushka JOHNSONDartford25:56PB stays at 00:20:18172
Rob O'HALLORANDartford28:14PB stays at 00:23:1075
Martin HARMANDartford30:14PB stays at 00:27:27139
Larissa O'HALLORANDartford30:23PB stays at 00:28:5369
Michaela MCMILLANDartford33:00PB stays at 00:28:20139
Megan FLETCHERDartford33:05PB stays at 00:30:50119
Richard DANSTONDartford38:53PB stays at 00:32:1339
Joanne DANSTONDartford39:23PB stays at 00:33:20104
Rebecca DUREYDartford39:24PB stays at 00:36:25141
Dan FOTHERINGHAMShorne Woods31:43PB stays at 00:21:436



Dartford Half Marathon results 2018

Dartford Half Marathon 2018

PosGun TimeChip TimeFirst NameSurnameClubRace No
19001:47:0401:46:39MarioRubertoCentral Park AC642
51202:16:4602:15:22VictoriaGibbsCentral Park AC169
52802:17:5702:16:32DamianGibbsCentral Park AC168
55502:22:2602:21:01MartinHarmanCentral Park AC282
57702:25:3602:24:12MichaelaMcmillanCentral Park AC178

parkrun – weekending 11/03/2018

Weekending 11/03/2018

NameLocationTimePB DetailsTotal parkruns
Anthony DUREYDartford21:16PB stays at 18:31173
Anoushka JOHNSONDartford25:43PB stays at 20:18171
Megan FLETCHERDartford32:51PB stays at 30:50118
Richard DANSTONDartford33:58PB stays at 32:1338
Joanne DANSTONDartford36:51PB stays at 33:20103
Damian GIBBSDartford38:32PB stays at 24:40101
David PHILLIPSDartford41:02PB stays at 39:0927
Dan FOTHERINGHAMShorne Woods21:43New PB!5


The Big Half – 4 March 2018

The Vitality Big Half 2018

Massive congratulations to Rob & Larissa O'Halloran who completed the inaugural Big Half in London on 4th March. Both recorded a very respectable time of 2:22:26. Great work guys.

NamePositionPosition in Age GroupPosition in GenderTotal Time
Rob O'Halloran8505764500302:22:26
Larissa O'Halloran8506569350302:22:26

parkrun – weekending 25/02/2018

Weekending 25/02/2018

NameLocationTimePB DetailsTotal parkruns
Anthony DUREYDartford20:12PB stays at 18:31172
Dan FOTHERINGHAMDartford22:32New PB!4
Anoushka JOHNSONDartford26:50PB stays at 20:18170
Martin HARMANDartford28:04PB stays at 27:27138
Michaela MCMILLANDartford28:20New PB!138
Damian GIBBSDartford29:32PB stays at 24:40100
Victoria GIBBSDartford29:36PB stays at 27:5679
Megan FLETCHERDartford31:10PB stays at 30:50117
Joanne DANSTONDartford35:00PB stays at 33:20102
Richard DANSTONDartfordDNFPB stays at 32:1337