Coached sessions

Mondays 6pm – 7pm

The first of our three, weekly sessions aimed at our younger members, the Swifts & our Juniors. We provide a mixture of track and field coaching in a safe, friendly environment. Children of all ages and abilities are welcome.

We also hold an Adults session, also suitable for Juniors, which is typically an hour of intervals & repetitions.

Wednesdays 6pm – 7pm

The second Swifts training session of the week. 

Wednesdays 6pm – 7pm

This is our advanced midweek session typically suitable for Sub 20 mins 5k / Sub 21 mins 5k (ladies)

Wednesdays 7pm – 8pm

Anoushka Johnson leads the session with help from Tony Durey. The main weekly Central Park Athletics training session, which is also suitable for our older Juniors. We offer a structured, coached session for all abilities. 

The sessions are typically a mixture of middle-distance repetitions and shorter sprints. 

We also offer a tailored sprints group suitable for Juniors from 10 yrs up to Seniors & vets

Throws also available to all ages & abilities.

Sundays 10am – 11am

Our third Swifts session of the week. This takes place after junior parkrun which is an event we are great advocates of. Many of our members complete the junior parkrun first before joining us for track and field coaching. 

We also have adults sessions similar to the main Wednesday nights sessions.

We offer an early SUNDAY morning long run for Adults & Older Juniors.

We leave from the clubhouse bright and early. Finally, our Couch to 5K beginners group meet in Central Park by the clubhouse each Sunday morning at 9am.

These sessions are included in your membership fee so there is nothing extra to pay on the day. We are also very welcoming to non-members who will be required to pay the standard track fee of £4.50.

We look forward to seeing you trackside!