Folkestone 10 2018

Folkestone 10 mile 2018
Congratulations to Tony Durey and Anoushka Johnson for their performances in the Folkestone 10 on 30/03/2018. As is typical of 
our Coaches they have led by example and recorded brilliant times.
PosGun TimeChip TimeFirst NameSurnameRace NoCategory

Data Protection – Your Privacy

The Club has just published it’s new Privacy Policy. This is in line with the change in Government legislation regarding data protection called The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This comes into place from 25th May 2018 although Central Park Athletics will be conforming to these changes with immediate effect.

It is a Government requirement that the Policy must be in place for the registration of athletes from 1st April 2018. We have met this deadline.

Tony & Anoushka

parkrun weekending 25/03/2018

Weekending 25/03/2018
NameLocationTimeCategoryPB DetailsTotal parkruns
Dan FOTHERINGHAMDartford21:21VM40-44New PB!7
Anoushka JOHNSONDartford24:54VW40-44PB stays at 00:20:18173
Anthony DUREYDartford25:00VM50-54PB stays at 00:18:31175
Tessa HALESDartford25:06VW35-39PB stays at 00:23:38199
Jamie BUSHNELLDartford25:06SM30-34PB stays at 00:21:26159
Valerie BEVANDartford27:57VW60-64PB stays at 00:26:5914
Trevor BEVANDartford28:28VM65-69New PB!12
Rob O'HALLORANDartford28:35VM40-44PB stays at 00:23:1076
Larissa O'HALLORANDartford29:39VW40-44PB stays at 00:28:5370
Martin HARMANDartford30:17VM45-49PB stays at 00:27:27140
Vinod KALIADartford30:46VM55-59PB stays at 00:29:3125
Michaela MCMILLANDartford32:34VW45-49PB stays at 00:28:20140
Megan FLETCHERDartford33:05JW15-17PB stays at 00:30:50120
Richard DANSTONDartford34:44VM45-49PB stays at 00:32:1340
Amanda CROCKFORDDartford35:34VW50-54PB stays at 00:32:5455
Joanne DANSTONDartford35:55VW45-49PB stays at 00:33:20105
David PHILLIPSDartford38:22VM65-69New PB!28
Victoria GIBBSDartford41:49VW45-49PB stays at 00:27:5680
Das KALIADartford45:21VW55-59New PB!22
Rebecca DUREYDartford46:44SW30-34PB stays at 00:36:25142

New – Coached Sessions For Children

We are starting coached sessions aimed at Children on Sunday mornings between 10 and 11am. These will be open to children of all ages and abilities.

We are aware that a number of local children already run at junior parkrun, which we are great advocates of, and our sessions will be designed to compliment parkrun, not replace. Ideally your child would complete the junior parkrun event and then join us at the track.

The first session will be on 1 April 2018 and will be free. Membership is available or further classes can be paid for on an ad-hoc basis.

We hope to see your children there!

Tony, Anoushka, Richard & Joanne

parkrun weekending 18/03/2018

Weekending 18/03/2018

NameLocationTimePB DetailsTotal parkruns
Anthony DUREYDartford20:53PB stays at 00:18:31174
Anoushka JOHNSONDartford25:56PB stays at 00:20:18172
Rob O'HALLORANDartford28:14PB stays at 00:23:1075
Martin HARMANDartford30:14PB stays at 00:27:27139
Larissa O'HALLORANDartford30:23PB stays at 00:28:5369
Michaela MCMILLANDartford33:00PB stays at 00:28:20139
Megan FLETCHERDartford33:05PB stays at 00:30:50119
Richard DANSTONDartford38:53PB stays at 00:32:1339
Joanne DANSTONDartford39:23PB stays at 00:33:20104
Rebecca DUREYDartford39:24PB stays at 00:36:25141
Dan FOTHERINGHAMShorne Woods31:43PB stays at 00:21:436



Dartford Half Marathon results 2018

Dartford Half Marathon 2018

PosGun TimeChip TimeFirst NameSurnameClubRace No
19001:47:0401:46:39MarioRubertoCentral Park AC642
51202:16:4602:15:22VictoriaGibbsCentral Park AC169
52802:17:5702:16:32DamianGibbsCentral Park AC168
55502:22:2602:21:01MartinHarmanCentral Park AC282
57702:25:3602:24:12MichaelaMcmillanCentral Park AC178

parkrun – weekending 11/03/2018

Weekending 11/03/2018

NameLocationTimePB DetailsTotal parkruns
Anthony DUREYDartford21:16PB stays at 18:31173
Anoushka JOHNSONDartford25:43PB stays at 20:18171
Megan FLETCHERDartford32:51PB stays at 30:50118
Richard DANSTONDartford33:58PB stays at 32:1338
Joanne DANSTONDartford36:51PB stays at 33:20103
Damian GIBBSDartford38:32PB stays at 24:40101
David PHILLIPSDartford41:02PB stays at 39:0927
Dan FOTHERINGHAMShorne Woods21:43New PB!5